Surfing Surin beach along the west coast of Phuket, Thailand
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Surfing Surin Beach

Surin beach is located along the central west coast of Phuket. It may look like a typical beach but it has a steep drop off unlike other beaches on the island where the sandy bottoms are more gradual. With enough swell energy, this beach break wave can provide a good solid pounding. Around the northern 1/3 of the 1 km long beach just north of the sole lifeguard tower, and just offshore are several big rocks spread out from one another. These can be potentially hazardous as they get covered up at high tide but reveal themselves around the low tide. Be mindful of these during low tide to avoid turning your relaxing vacation into a medical tourism trip.

Surin is notorious for being one of the more powerful and faster waves on the island and waves can reach up to overhead in size. It tends to pitch fast so you’ll need to be quick on your toes. It’s also one of the few spots on the island where you can potentially tuck into turquoise-colored beach break barrels. Yeah, dude!

It takes a southwest groundswell with a fairly high swell period (above 17 seconds) and offshore winds for it to go off. When it does, you’ll be in for one of the best waves that’s offered on the island. 

Surin Beach Overview

The entire beachfront went through some significant changes in April 2016. What was once considered Phuket’s swankiest beach that was favored by many celebrities from around the world, has since changed dramatically. Established shorefront restaurants, high-end beach clubs, and other local businesses were completely demolished in an effort to restore Surin Beach to its natural beauty (as well as to clear up controversial issues with land ownership). This effort is being made to create a peaceful, natural setting that will also honor Thailand’s King and Queen.

It’s worth seeing Wat Surin, which is located off the main road and overlooks Surin beach. No need to go far after building up your appetite. Food stalls are set up in front of the beach with good options for Thai food, fresh juices, and roti!

The newly vacant land will also be used to create, Rajabhakti Park, a place of education for the future.   

Surin’s Details

Best Tide:

Medium to high

Best Swell Direction:


Best Wind:



Sandy beach with steep drop off

Ability Level:

Beginner to advanced

Best Season:

May to October


Big parking lot right in front of the beach next to Wat Surin

Crowd Factor:

Mostly uncrowded; the peak in middle of the beach can get crowded when it’s good

Local Vibe:


Paddle Out Power:

4/10 (1=easy peasy; 10=feels like paddling on a treadmill)

Poopie Patrol:

1-6; can get messy when it rains

(1=clean; 10=dingleberries in the lineup)


Strong rip currents; pounding shore break wave at times; semi-hidden rocks around northern 1/3 of the beach

Surf Lessons & Board Rentals

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Saltwater Dreaming Surf School

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