Surfing Kamala Beach along the west coast of Phuket, Thailand
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Surfing Kamala Beach

Just south of Surin Beach is where you’ll find this laid back beach village with a friendly, little line up. The widespread crescent shaped bay is marked by a northern and southern headland that houses a small reef break at the northern end. It’s not a shallow reef bottom so you don’t need to worry about hitting hard rock if you bail. The rest of the widespread beach is a sandy bottom beach break that’s good for all levels of surfers.

Surfing Kamala beach is great for newbies to try surfing for the first time. The vibe in the line up isn’t the only thing that’s chill here. These waves are gentle, rolling, and fat making it an ideal spot for longboarding, though they do tend to pitch as they break closer to the seashells by the seashore.

It’s also one of the more consistent breaks found around here. The northern and southern headlands do a good job of protecting the bay from onshore winds contributing to its consistency. This is also why you’ll find the majority of quality waves along the north end as sand banks are secured by the natural surroundings of deep coral reefs.

Kamala Beach Overview

Kamala is the polar opposite of its neighboring beach, Patong. You won’t find a wild and crazy nightlight scene here. In fact, quite a few restaurants in the area shut down by 9 pm. This peaceful community is more of a laid back fishing village and is a great choice for families and those who yearn some quiet time.

An old cemetery located alongside the northern section contributes to the feeling of calmness and tranquility. Paddling straight out in front of the cemetery is where the uncrowded reef break can be found.

Further south is a beachside town that’s lined with a variety of small bars, restaurants, guesthouses, custom tailors, massage parlors, and boutique hotels on either side of Rim Haad (Beach Road); the narrow street that runs parallel along the southern portion of the beach. Walk along this road in the early evening to be presented with plenty of options of the day’s fresh catch. Choose your desired servings to dine and delight your palate!

At the very southern end of the bay after the sand terminates and up along the southern headland is the upscale neighborhood, “Millionaire’s Mile,” where some of Phuket’s most luxurious villas and hotels are located.

Kamala’s Details

Best Tide:

All tides

Best Swell Direction:


Best Wind:



Sandy beach

Ability Level:

Beginner to above average

Best Season:

May to October


Easy street parking in the northern region of the bay

Crowd Factor:


Local Vibe:

Friendly and encouraging

Paddle Out Power:

1/10 (1=easy peasy; 10=feels like paddling on a treadmill)

Poopie Patrol:

1; clean

(1=clean; 10=dingleberries in the lineup)


Strong rip currents; swimmers on the inside

Surf Lessons & Board Rentals

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