RE KATA Beach CLUB Surf School sponsored by Quiksilver Roxy Thailand
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Kata Beach

A chance to learn how to surf with a former pro surf champion sponsored by the legendary surf brand, Quiksilver, would be a memorable way to experience your very first surf lesson.  Well, at the RE KÁ TA Beach Club Surf School, you’re given the chance!

Jimmy, surf camp owner and former surf champion, along with his team of qualified surf instructors will guide you to learn the techniques that took him to the top of the pedestal at Thailand’s Quiksilver Pro in 2009.  Jimmy and his entire team understand Kata’s surf conditions and currents like the back of their hands.  You’re sure to stand up and surf while feeling safe at all times.

Throughout the months of May to September, regular private lessons are offered to all levels of surfers.  Work your way up from beginner to intermediate and finally advanced level.  Stand Up Paddle Boards are also offered during the months of November to April when the Andaman Sea becomes flat.

BEGINNER Lesson (1 hour)

Beginners will start with soft top boards for safety purposes and for ease of learning.

  • Learn proper board positioning
  • How to be safe while surfing in an ocean environment
  • Learn how to control your board within the breaking whitewater waves
  • Learn what you need to do to catch the momentum of a breaking wave
  • Learn to “pop up” into a surfer stance, then catch and ride some waves (Yeeeeww!)

INTERMEDIATE Lesson (1 hour)

  • Learn the fundamentals of surfing
  • Surf etiquette
  • Paddle techniques for efficient paddling out to the lineup
  • Learn how to execute an “Eskimo Roll”
  • How to read and ride the shoulders of an unbroken wave

ADVANCED Lesson (1 hour)

  • Progress from whitewater waves to clean faces and unbroken waves
  • Paddle out to the line up and catch waves with clean shoulders
  • Independently paddle into a wave that’s about to break
  • Learn to “make the drop” and stand up on an unbroken wave
  • Learn to turn left and right
  • Learn to control your board to avoid swimmers and learn how to “kick out” or stop safely


To book your surf or stand up paddle lessons

Call (+66) 76 330 421

Visit their website here. 


Please note:  Weather conditions can change in a flash and need to be considered for safety purposes.  Lessons are provided based on specific surf school’s discretion.

You’ll find Jimmy, Bell, Kim, and others set up on the beach between the Boathouse Wine & Grill and the RE KÁ TA Beach Club near the south end of Kata bay (if you’re facing the ocean, go left towards the end of the beach).  Look for their big surf school banner and Quiksilver beach umbrellas.  See map here

Private Surf Lessons

Board Rentals

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