Phuket Surf offers surf lessons, surfboards, stand up paddle boards for rent
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Kata Beach

You’ll likely be greeted by Thai native, Ying, who co-owns and operates the quaint lil’ surf shop in the mini surf town community.  She’s been on the island of Phuket since 2004 and has been surfing Kata Beach and other nearby surf spots since the time she left her hometown.

They store a fair amount of soft tops, fiberglass short boards, fun boards, long boards, and Stand Up Paddle Boards offering board rentals and surf lessons throughout Phuket’s surf season of May – late October.  Stand Up Paddle boards are also available and are a great option to explore the coastline and nearby reefs when the Andaman Sea is typically flat from November to April.  If you’re visiting for an extended period, they’ll let you keep your board with you and will even allow you swap it out if you want to size up or down at anytime.

If you prefer a female surf instructor, this is the place to go.  Jum would be your Thai surfer girl instructor and she’s as friendly as they get!

When you take lessons at Phuket Surf, they’ll allow you to use the board for the rest of the day.  Building up your shoulder endurance and paddle power can make all the difference.  So go ahead!  Practice all day or until your arms feel like they’re spaghetti noodles!

Before you even hit the water, they ensure the safety of each student by learning about your swim experience level, experience in the ocean, and surf background (if any).  They’ll make sure you have a terrific time, but safety is priority #1 and they do a great job of looking out for each and every one of their students.

Wave knowledge, weather conditions, and understanding ocean currents are part of the lesson plan that begins right on the beach.  Practicing the correct techniques on the sand will get you prepared when you hit the water!  Surf lessons are usually held at the south end of the beach in front of the Boathouse Bar and Grill.

To book your surf or stand up paddle lessons

Call Ying or Shin at (+66) 87 889 7308

Or email them at

Visit their website here.

Please note:  Weather conditions can change in a flash and need to be considered for safety purposes.  Lessons are provided based on specific surf school’s discretion.  

Look for them at the south end of Kata Beach right where the bay begins to curve.  They’re tucked away just around the corner from Nautilus Divers and right next to Kata Mama Seafood restaurant.  See map here.

You can also locate them through the back way along the street off of Soi Khoktanod (4233).  Look for the Royal Viking Tailor shop (blue sign with red lettering).  There will also be signage for Phuket Surf and Kata Rocks.  Follow the small side street down to the beach.

Private Surf Lessons

*Save 10% when you book online and pay a deposit of 500 THB.  Click here for discount.

  • Single lesson - 1.5 hrs

    1500 THB
  • 2 day package - 2 hrs/day

    4000 THB
  • 3 day package - 2 hrs/day

    5500 THB
  • 4 day package - 2 hrs/day

    7500 THB
  • 5 day package - 2 hrs/day

    9000 THB

Group Surf Lessons

*All lessons last for 1.5 hrs and includes surfboard, wax, rash guard, and leash for the entire day.

*Save 10% when you book online and pay a deposit of 500 THB.  Click here for discount.

  • 2 students with 1 instructor

    2700 THB
  • 3 students with 2 instructors

    3600 THB
  • 5 students with 3 instructors

    5000 THB

Board Rentals 

Board sizes ranges from 5’6″ up to 10″2 with a variety of shapes and styles including fish shape, shortboards, guns, funboards, longboards, and Stand Up Paddle Boards.

  • Hourly rate

    150 THB
  • Half day (4 hrs)

    450 THB
  • Full day (8 hrs)

    500 THB
  • 3 days

    1300 THB
  • Weekly

    2800 THB

Surf School Kata