Learn to Surf Guide: Learn the basics before paddling out
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Surfing basics

Surfing Defined

Each of us have our own personal desire or reasons to go surfing.


It’s exhilarating, challenging, peaceful, energetic, and a really fun way to get into shape! It’s deeply rooted to nature, and best of all, we get to be on the beach with our bros and sisters!

Surfing is not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle. 

Feel the stoke. Then, paddle out for one more. | Location: Kata Beach, Phuket, Thailand
What is your reason to go surfing? | Location: Naithon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Some surfers call it their religion and others call it a connection with the universe. It can be one’s hobby, another’s form of meditation, or even a check off the bucket list. It’s a sense of community at one’s local break yet it’s also an adventurous life of exploration. It can be a test of one’s mental or physical limits. It’s a connection spiritually and physically with all the elements around you.

Surfing is what you make it to be. 

And each time we kick out of that last wave, it always leaves us wanting to paddle back out for one more.

Beginner Surfer’s Guide

  • Get into Surf Shape!

    Before getting wet, consider the consequences...

  • Wave Knowledge is Power

    Know what you’re surfing - 4 most common kinds of surf breaks...

  • Waves & Winds

    Without storms and winds, there wouldn't be wave energy...

  • Highs and Lows of Tides

    Get your tide table out - Tides are the constant rise and fall...

  • Ocean Currents

    There are two distinct types of currents you must know about...

  • Your First Surfboard

    Just like any other sport, you’ll need some equipment to play...