About Surf Thailand - spreading the stoke, sharing, giving, and smiling.
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Surf Thailand

Spread Smiles 

It’s not all about the surf in Thailand. It’s about spreading good vibes and creating smiles by helping others along the way.

We wish to inspire others to live a fulfilling life and explore more with spontaneity, uncertainty, and immeasurable experiences. Our goal in life is to gather and check off an endless bucket list of precious memories through a journey of happiness.

We believe in living in the moment through nature, surf, travel, and human connection with the practice of giving as the foundation and seed for spiritual development.

Who are we?

We are a group of local surfer-explorers who wish to inspire a lifestyle that is closely in tune with the ocean, nature, the Universe, our reason for being; one’s purpose.

In line with Buddhist philosophy, we aim for happiness of all creatures and we believe that to a live a greater life is to give more with a spirit of generosity.

Here on this site we share Thailand’s growing surf culture (yes, there is one) including our friendly locals, our healthy way of life, our amazing culture, and yes, our delicious Thai food, of course!

Our purposeful surf lifestyle wear are made for those who share our compassion for human kindness with a desire to help improve another’s well-being.

100% proceeds from select gear helps to provide prosthetic components and training for underserved individuals.

Because all of us deserve the chance to reach our fullest potential and live the greatest love story one can ever live.


Welcome to The Land (& Seas) of Smiles!



— Surf Thailand

Prosthetic legs Thailand

The Problem and The Opportunity

In today’s world, an amputation occurs every 30 seconds.  

 Surf Thailand amputation every 30 seconds

= 2,880 within 24-hours 

= Over 1 million annually

There are an estimated 18 million amputees around the world. More than 80% of them live in developing countries where resources for prosthetics are almost non-existent.