About Surf Thailand - spreading the stoke, sharing, giving, and smiling.
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Catching waves, making ripples, spreading smiles.

From The Land (& Seas) of Smiles in The Kingdom of Thailand, we hope to instill a lifestyle that is closely in tune with Mother Nature, our Universe, our reason for being; one’s purpose.

We embrace our Buddhist philosophy by aiming for happiness of all creatures and we believe that to a live a greater life is to give more with a spirit of generosity.

We are humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. We’re not out to change the world. We’re just hoping to change someone’s world, one soul at a time.

We create surf lifestyle wear made with love and compassion for human kindness with the purpose of helping improve another’s well-being. 100% proceeds from select gear gives the chance for underserved amputees to laugh, play, and thrive in life.

Join us in growing the ripple effect and help others improve towards achieving their fullest potential and live the greatest love story one can ever live.

So jump on your surfboard, show others your teeth (or braces or gums 😉 ) and give someone the gift of joy by spreading smiles in style!

Prosthetic legs Thailand

The Problem and The Opportunity

In today’s world, an amputation occurs every 30 seconds.  

 Surf Thailand amputation every 30 seconds

= 2,880 within 24-hours 

= Over 1 million annually

There are an estimated 18 million amputees around the world. More than 80% of them live in developing countries where resources for prosthetics are almost non-existent.

Photo: Phayam Surfers